App description
Supports High-end smartphones and tablets
Localization English, Arabic
Supported platforms iOS, Android


This Test Report provides the summary of the results of test performed as outlined within this document. It shows to the best extent the testing environment, test results and the examples of bug reports.


The Mobile Application is implemented on Anroid and iOS devices

Android devices:

Resolution Device model Processor architecture OS Version GPU RAM,Mb Processor Test Result
1080x1920 Xiaomi Mi3 ARMv7 Androi d 4.4.3 Adreno 330 2ГБ Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 2,3 GHz passed
480 × 800 Samsun g GT- I8160 ARMv7 Androi d 4.1.2 ARMCortex-A9 768mb NovaThor U8500 800 МГц passed
1280x720 Huawei MT1- U06 ARMv7 Androi d 4.1.2 GC4000 2Гб Hi-Silicon K3V2, 1.5 ГГц passed
1080x1920 Xperia Z ARMv7 Androi d 4.4.4 Adreno 320 2ГБ Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 1.5 GHzquad-core Krait passed
1920x1080 Samsun g Galaxy s4 ARMv7 Androi d 4.4.2 Exynos 5 Octa 2ГБ Samsung Exynos 5 Octa 5410/1.6 GHz passed
1280 x 800 Kindle Fire 2gen ARMv7 Androi d 4.0.3 Imaginatio n Technologi es PowerVR SGX540 1Гб Dual-core 1.2 GHz TI OMAP4 4430 passed

iOS devices:

Device OS Version Resolution Test Result
iPhone 6+ iOS 8.0.2 Retina HD 1080 × 1920 passed
iPhone 5 iOS 8.0.2 Retina 640 × 1136 passed
iPad Mini iOS 8.0 1024 × 768 passed
iPad 3 iOS 7.1.2 2048 × 1536 passed

Test Results

List of functionalities that were checked
Functionality Result
Check internet-connection on the device passed
Check standard apps on the device passed
Installation the app passed
Installing the app from Amazon (Google Play, AppStore) passed
Check test app icon on all device menus passed
Check that the icon of the application corresponds to the approved marketing passed
Note the name of the application under the icon on all device menus failed
Check that application size corresponds to the approved marketing failed
Check that rotating the device works on all app stage, on all screens passed
Check that rotation is carried out smoothly passed
Check that rotation is carried out correctly on loading screens passed
Check rotation functionality if it turned off in device settings passed
User Interface
All graphic elements, texts and animations have high resolution passed
In the main menu there is Settings button passed
Check social media functionality failed
Check the ability to return to previous screen from any screen passed
Check that scroll/swipe is working in app passed
Check the spring effect in the end of the scroll/swipe passed
Proper device operability after playing the app
Checking the device operability after launching the app passed
Wifi works correctly passed
All standart apps and downloaded apps work properly passed
All emails can be sent and received passed
Check hint functionality
Check that hints are worked correctly passed
Hints appearing for new functionality failed
Check In-App Purchase
Check that in-App Purchase is worked correctly failed
Check all in-App Purchase functions in the landscape and portrait modes failed
Check opportunity for restore previously completed purchase failed
Loading processes
Check that loading on all screens/game phases is correctly displayed and works as expected passed
When loading takes more than 3 sec loading process should be displayed failed
User LogIn
Check user login screen passed
Check registration functionality passed
Check Login functionality passed
Check Forgot Password functionality failed
Suspend Events
Checking the correct operation of the application while leaving the device in Sleep Mode failed
Checking the correct operation of the application while the output device into sleep mode with button Power passed
Checking the correct operation of the application during the set reminders. passed
Correct operation of the application, if during the App take the call. passed
Correct operation of the application, with the lifting of the incoming call. passed
Correct operation of the application, if during the game to take and view SMS. passed
Check that the screen device fades after 2 minutes after the last touch on the screen passed
Remove an application
Checking the removal of the application running device passed
Checking the application after removing it from the device and install again. passed

List of bugs: