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Your !dea and our innovative creation can fits together in your pocket devices.

iStoreKuwait company is working since 2008 towards leading and innovative mobile technology to support enterprise companies in application development for mobile devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad, BlackBerry & Android mobiles.

We are having experienced technical expertise needed to design and develop wide range of highly optimized native mobile applications as well as interactive website for mobile using cloud technology.

We have dedicated research team to study about human interface and behavior of small handheld mobile device to deliver user friendly, optimized and robotic applications.

Since its inception iStoreKuwait established a reputation for providing practical solutions that are both business driven and cost-effective. Due to market demand and iStoreKuwait captivity in application business, focus is now on Web baced E-Commerce application development and support.

Today iStoreKuwait is a prominent name for providing ERP solution for School Management, Pharmacy & Hospital Management, Restaurant Management and Other Content Management Systems.

★ School ★ Hospital ★ Restaurant ★ Human Resource ★

Client iPhone/iPad applications

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